Truman was president and the country was at war in Korea.  Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer was a hit.  William Faulkner won the Nobel Prize for literature.

Dr.Wilkins Harden founded Hawthorne Pharmacy in 1949.  It was his dream to open a true apothecary to provide prescriptions and medical supplies.For 61 years we built our reputation meeting doctors needs by providing their patients with modern, innovative medicines.   We still provide the same quality and dedication.  We promise not only to provide the medicines but also service and education to accompany them.

Our niche is our knowledge

Pharmacist Knowledge..

Pharmacist Knowledge..

We use our 61 years experience to help you meet your pharmacy and medical equipment needs.  Our compounding pharmacists are specialists who have additional education and training to be able to compound prescriptions.  They are happy to share their knowledge and answer your questions about drugs and prescriptions.  We feel the more you know the more you will appreciate Hawthorne Pharmacy.

Many patients still need individualized prescriptions that are not available from a pharmaceutical company.  Our pharmacists acquire the medication and make the appropriate dosage for each patient.  Our compounding pharmacists can make prescriptions to avoid allergic reactions, create a better method of delivery or customize to make it taste better.