We rent and sell hospital beds from Semi-electric to Fully-electric, and lots of associated products for all your home care needs. Semi electric hospital beds range from $1400 and up and include an innerspring mattress and rails. We rent or sell them, and insurance will often rent one for a patient if they qualify. Our staff can help you determine if insurance will cover this item, as well as accessories like patient lifts and trapeze bars to make getting in and out of bed easier.

For the patient with problems with decubitus ulcers (bed sores), we sell geo-foam mattress overlays, gel foam overlays; and rent alternating pressure pads with pumps and low air loss mattresses.

For extra comfort we sell egg crate mattresses for all size beds from twin to king. In addition we sell synthetic sheepskin overlays.

Extra long twin sheets are also available, along with mattress protectors for the incontinent patient.

Our hospital beds come with full or half rails, but we also sell rails for home beds. They fit up to Queen size beds and provide a little extra security or a handle for positioning in bed.

For the incontinent patient we carry disposable chux and reusable underpads to protect the bed ranging in size from 17 x 21 to 36 x 80, and starting at $10.

In addition we sell disposable adult briefs in tape and pullup styles, as well as pads for insertion in reusable underwear. We also carry a full line of underwear and plastic protection underpants.  To better serve you, we have a shipping program for these items so you never have to buy them at the store and lug them home again!

Insurance usually does not reimburse for these items, but if your incontinence causes you to require catheterization, those supplies may be covered. We carry male external catheters, intermittent caths, as well as foley catheters; along with leg and bedside drain bags.