Power Wheelchair

Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs- we carry Pride Mobility power chairs in various configurations – seats, wheel placement, style, etc. It is best to have one of our staff work with the patient to determine what is best for the patient for use in their home, as door widths and the patient’s ability to manipulate the controls are very important. These start at $3500.00 and go up in price.

These are usually designated for the patient who does not have the upper body strength to self propel a manual or lightweight chair in their home, but who could safely operate a powered chair in the home. If the patient qualifies, insurance may reimburse for these. In order to transport these chairs, special lifts are usually required for the automobile. These lifts or carriers are not covered by insurance, but we can help you with those as well!


Scooters (or Power Operated Vehicles) are great options for getting around either inside or outside your home. They are affordable enough to purchase on your own!

We carry many of the Pride Mobility Scooters which range in price from as low as $895.00 for the GOGO to $2195.00 for the Victory and up. These can be seen at www.pridemobility.com or Stop in to 1520 Taylor Street to test drive a scooter today!  There is really no reason to stay trapped in your home!