Delta Pharmacy and Medical Supply carries a full line of mobility/rehab equipment from canes to walkers to wheelchairs. Most insurance companies will cover these types of equipment.

Following is just a sampling of what is available in the mobility arena!


Knee Walkers – These are the latest substitute for crutches…..

They allow you to be non-weight bearing on one leg, but maintain your balance and are great for people who cannot use crutches due to some upper body restriction.  They are usually rented, but most insurance companies do NOT cover this rental.



 We sell new and used chairs and rent them as well.

Transport Chairs are lightweight, portable chairs designed for ease of transport. These chairs have four small wheels and have to be pushed by a caregiver, or can be used for a patient who can scoot with their feet. They weigh 20- 26 pounds and retail for less than $300 new. They are ideal for keeping in the car for trips to the doctor or errands.

Manual Wheelchairs– We carry Invacare manual wheelchairs for patients with the upper body strength to self-propel within their home. These chairs weigh around 40 pounds and start under $500. They are available in multiple widths and can accommodate up to 250 pounds. Basic swing away foot rests,  as well as elevating leg rests are available.

Lightweight wheelchairs- These chairs are designed for patients who cannot propel a manual weight chair, but could propel a lighter weight chair, or for those who cannot accommodate a manual chair because of extra height, etc. There are multiple levels of lightweight chairs and they weigh less than 35 pounds.

There are MANY more wheelchairs available, from those supporting up to 450 pounds to those for special needs patients requiring tilt and recline features.

If you are unsure if you may qualify for your insurance carrier to cover the rental of one of these chairs, you can call us at 1-800-226-3342 or locally at 803-227-4450.