The respiratory program at Delta Pharmacy and Medical Supply is comprehensive Рcovering many areas of adult respiratory care. We offer the services of our Respiratory therapist for follow up on all our patients, with reporting to the physician.

Oxygen therapy

  • Concentrators INVACARE & Respironics- including the Venture Home fill System
    Portable Tanks

    Portable Tanks

  • Portable tanks – Gaseous
  • Portable concentrators for travel

CPAP Machines

 (Sleep Apnea treatment)

  • Machines by RESPIRONICS, RESMED, and Fisher & Paykel
  • Heated humidifiers for CPAPs and BiPAPs
  • Accessories like Pillows for optimal sleep and Mask Cleaner wipes

Nebulization and compounded medications
Our pharmacies can custom compound many of the medicines used in nebulizers. In some cases you may have had multiple vials to open and pour, or you may have had to measure and mix your own each time. With compounded meds they are premixed and ready for use.

What about insurance? Medicare and Medicaid, along with many other private insurers have coverage for respiratory items. Each insurance company has different coverage criteria and requirements.

We also do private consultations with our Respiratory Therapist for additional training and problem solving for those who are not our rental patients.